Smiling woman opening curtains to allow natural sunlight and enjoy the cool air
Say goodbye to hot spots.

Armor Tints Window Films help reduce heat all year long.

Take control of summer.

Are your windows letting in too much summer heat? If you have to avoid certain areas of your home, it's time to say goodbye to those hot spots. Without the need to keep your window treatments closed all day long, window films can help insulate the a/c and keep the sun's heat out. 

Summer heat graphic with sunlight arrows and a glass projection

Eliminate Excessive Heat

Window treatments although great for privacy provide very little heat reduction while sacrificing a lot of natural light. Armor Tints window films can help reduce the sun's heat coming through your windows, keeping your home bright and beautiful. 

Summer, do your worst.

It's Time For Energy Savings

energy savings graphic with a 30% money savings

Did you know that US households lose up to 30% of their cooling and heating energy through the windows?

Learn how you can help reduce your home's energy costs while making your home more comfortable.